Are you looking to offer a real italian gelato in your restaurant?


From savoury gelato to creative desserts, gelato-making is an excellent investment for your restaurant

Too often today, even in Italy, restaurants and trattorias are serving gelato that is not up to standard. The restaurant market is very much still evolving, and offers a whole host of great opportunities.

However, things are finally getting moving, and quality gelato is elbowing its way onto tables at the finest restaurants, where chefs are increasingly inclined to experiment with food pairings, served up with extreme attention to detail. That’s why producers of ingredients and gelato machines are coming up with new products for the market, solutions designed to take up less space inside a restaurant. Restaurant kitchens need to optimize their allocation of space, calibrate quantities and speed up production times: these are three key factors to ensure that their customers will get top-quality food and service.

The restaurant scene is an interesting market, both for gelato-makers connecting with the world of catering – enabling the gelato-maker to expand their target market, by selling to restaurants – as well as for chefs wishing to create Michelin star desserts based on sweet or savoury gelato.

Reliable equipment for an efficient gelato-making process. The main manufacturers on the market have a wide variety of solutions to choose from. To ensure you purchase the best products for your restaurant, the key factors are reliability and trustworthiness.

What are the ideas for a restaurant? Traditional gelato and sorbets, savoury gelato, pastry creams, frozen desserts and Bavarian creams, chocolate specialities and even whipped cream to die for: for each of these recipes, there’s a different machine and special ingredients, to help you make fresh, creamy gelatos just like the ones in your favourite gelato parlour.

The must-have machines for your kitchens. Today you can get combo machines which will mix, pasteurize and whisk in one go. They come in all shapes and sizes – some of them countertop models and others free-standing – enabling you to make a wide range of flavours. There are even small vertical batch freezers for making gelato right in front of your customers. Some machines are more suited to making traditional gelato, others for express gelato, as well as machines for whipped cream and petits fours, just choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Gelato Gourmet
Gelato Gourmet

With tomato, basil, saffron, and even radicchio, or else with beer and extra-virgin olive oil.


The semifreddo is a pleasant dessert, especially enjoyable at cooler times of the year, a delightful cross between a gelato and a pastry. 

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