Gelato Schools and Training

Gelato Schools and Training

The raw materials, ingredient and recipes needed to produce a great hand-made gelato, together with ideas and suggestions on how to open and manage a gelato shop, as well as marketing and communication concepts to help establish an excellent relationship with one’s clientele.

When you are looking to open a gelato parlour, training and continuous professional development are a prerequisite for success. Indeed, expertise is the key factor for any gelato artisan looking to stand out in such a highly competitive market.

The hand-made gelato sector provides plenty of training opportunities for gelato-makers from all walks of life, helping you to gain more experience and improve your ability to truly master the art of gelato-making. Training courses also aim to protect hand-made gelato by giving gelato-makers the tools and knowledge you need to make healthy, quality products that your consumers will enjoy.

Theoretical and practical lessons that focus on various topics – such as raw materials and ingredients, machinery and equipment, balancing techniques, marketing and communication. This all enables the professional gelato-maker to keep up with current trends and increase your understanding of hand-made gelato. 

In addition to the different training schools for hand-made gelato-makers, every year there is an opportunity to learn and develop professionally at SIGEP (the International Handmade Gelato, Pastry, and Bakery Fair), the event where you can find all the gelato industries and various types of competitions for Italian and foreign gelato-makers, seeking to promote a culture of professionalism, research and experimentation.

Below is some information on the main organizations and companies that provide training courses for professional gelato makers.

Via S. Giacomo 55, Portogruaro – 30026, Venezia
Tel. 0421271554 Dr. Milena Boldarin

Centro arte, scienza e tecnologia dell’alimento
Via Serenissima, 5 - 25135 Brescia
Tel. 030 23 50 076 - Fax 030 23 50 077

via Verdi 49/51/53, 20090 Settala (MI)
Tel. +39.02 95770829
Fax +39.02 95379118

Via Emilia Ponente, 276 40132 Bologna
Tel.051 6173111 051 6173111;
Toll Free Number +39 800 019203 800 019203

Via Gaggio 72, 47832 San Clemente - Rimini, Italy
Tel. +39 0541 859411

PrreGel spa P.O. Box 10 Succ.2 - 42121 Reggio Emilia - Via Comparoni 64, 42122 Reggio Emilia (Italy) 

Tel.: +39.0522.394.211 - Fax: +39.0522.394.305

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Gelato Schools and Training
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