201,321 Visitors At Sigep And Rhex 2016

201,321 Visitors At Sigep And Rhex 2016

Upswing in foreign visitors, which rose to 41,122. A sold-out edition with over a thousand companies exhibiting under the banner of domestic and international business.

Rimini, 27th January 2016 . Record-breaking trade visitor and business figures. The 37° SIGEP closed today at Rimini Fiera, along with RHEX Rimini Horeca Expo, with the exceptional result of 201,321 visitors, 8% more than 2015 (certified figures undergoing supervision according to international standard ISO 25639:2008). Foreign visitors rose to 41,122 trade members from 150 countries.

It was therefore the conclusion of an edition that, in all its various contents, had the common denominator of business success ensured by over a thousand companies occupying the entire expo centre. There was also the aspect of internationality that defines Rimini Fiera as a world hub for the artisan confectionery production and catering chains. This is borne out by the great symbolic events of the various sectors: Gelato World Cup, Pastry Queen, Bread in the City, The Star of Chocolate and the Gelato World Tour.

Rimini Fiera chairman Lorenzo Cagnoni comments, ´At the end of the expo, the signs of growth seen on the market in recent months and which we are now sharing are confirmed. It is a global success, for a local area that is organized and welcoming, an efficient international level expo centre, a sector representing solid Italian-made products with a growth potential still to be fully exploited, and which we are already working on to support.´

The halls hosted over 500 events promoted by Rimini Fiera and by the companies, all featuring knowledge and innovation. An extraordinary opportunity for training and participating in trends, therefore widespread growth. 720 Italian and foreign journalists and bloggers were accredited, accounting for over 175,000 million media contacts to date.

Patrizia Cecchi, manager of Rimini Fiera´s Wellness, Food & Beverage & Consumer business unit, comments, ´The worldwide success of SIGEP is due to the unbeatable interaction between innovative companies targeting export, the world´s great master artisans and international events. The expo thus connects the growth processes and speeds up prospects of development. 
Three firmly connected components, which represent a fast moving system that multiplies relations, contacts and contracts.´ 

The precise strategy of Rimini Fiera to support the development of SIGEP from a business point of view, and as well as infrastructural, logistic and technological innovation are concerned, is now expanded with a project that is coherent with the expo´s constant growth: a process that will make new exhibit space available, which will be obtained by rationalizing the already existing connecting areas between the halls and making them useable, starting in 2017 and being completed in 2018.

SIGEP 2017, which will be joined by the biennial A.B. TECH EXPO, will be held from January 21st to 25th. 

The next appointment with the Food & Beverage expos at Rimini Fiera is with BEER ATTRACTION, from 20th to 23rd February 2016.

All the press releases are in the Media Room of www.sigep.it and www.rhex.it

To SIGEP from all over the world. The area dedicated to business meetings was attended by hundreds of buyers from five continents. 
At SIGEP 2016 there was also greater collaboration with ICE, the Agency for the foreign promotion and internationalization of Italian enterprises - in the program for strengthening Italy´s large trade fair events, foreseen by the Italian government´s special plan for the promotion of Italian-made products - which involves 18 ICE offices worldwide - trade delegations arrived in Rimini Fiera from twenty countries.
The foreign market assistance desks worked at full capacity, at the disposal of Italian companies interested in exporting and receiving information on customs procedure, on the possibility of opening foreign offices and acquiring market data from the ´Country dossiers´.

SIGEP 2016 also hosted the signing of an important 10-year agreement for collaboration between Italmopa and Rimini Fiera. The Associazione Industriali Mugnai d´Italia (Italy´s milling industry association) will therefore take part with its members in the next expo events (both SIGEP and the biennial A.B.Tech Expo), representing a network of enterprises which accounts for 12 million tons of milled wheat and a turnover of two billion euros. At SIGEP, Italmopa was the key player at an extremely interesting conference that clarified aspects that are of particular importance to consumers, for flour´s health and nutritional properties, and which drew attention to the importance of communication for correct indispensable information.

At SIGEP, Italy was back on the top of world gelato podium. At the end of three days of tests, it beat Spain and Australia, who came second and third respectively.
13 teams competed, made up of a total of 65 seasoned professionals from Argentina, Australia, Japan, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Chile, Uruguay and Singapore.
The Italian team that won this year´s Gelato World Cup (selected at SIGEP 2015) was made up of Luigi Tirabassi (gelato artisan from Subiaco - Rome), Alberto Carretta (chef from Thiene - Vicenza), Antonio Capuano (pastry chef from Riccia Campobasso and team captain) and Amelio Mazzella di Regnella (ice sculptor from Bacoli - Naples). Team manager was pastry chef Diego Crosara from Altavilla Vicentina (Vicenza). The Gelato World Cup was organized by Gelato e Cultura srl along with Rimini Fiera.

Gelato World Tour, organized by Carpigiani and SIGEP to promote artisan gelato worldwide, in 2016 . as explained at a crowded press conference . targets the American continent, with two dates in the United States, also open to Central and South American gelato artisans. The appointment is from 27th to 29th May in Chicago, whereas in September the tour flies to the West Coast. This year there is also a program of dates for the Gelato World Tour Italian Challenge, the touring competition that travels round Italy in the premises of Carpigiani dealers to find the Italian finalists who will compete for the 8 places available. Moreover, SIGEP 2017 will also host the selections for the German date, being staged in Germany next summer. Hundreds of gelato artisans will compete with their flavours and spatulas for the title of ´World´s Best Gelato´. The Grand Finale of the 2nd Edition of the Gelato World Tour will held in Rimini in September 2017.

SIGEP is an extraordinary opportunity for professional and business training. In particular, for some time SIGEP has organized a consultancy service dedicated to enterprises who intend undertaking internationalization procedure, in collaboration with Sistema Gelato. 
This was discussed during various appointments, in particular to ensure in-depth coverage of the issue of the capital market in support of the gelato chain. Enterprises and investors discussed the effectiveness of the initiatives on markets that are generally more receptive and where there are no ´flavour barriers´. 
Gelato has great appeal from the US to South America and even Asia; now it is necessary to speed up consolidation, which is possible with the help of capital that structures and strengthens product supply in order to ensure an effective remunerative presence. Enterprises and investors emphasized the fact that the product chain has the benefit of an unbeatable brand . Italian-made gelato . and above all, it is necessary to communicate the value of the product´s quality.

This year SIGEP also hosted the first initiative for combating counterfeit Italian products in the gelato sector, thanks to ´Gelateria Italiana´, a project launched by the Ministry for Foreign Trade, Assocamerestero and Rimini Fiera. ´Gelateria Italiana´ is a certification mark of Italian gelato parlours worldwide and is granted to trade member who promote real Italian tradition outside Italy. Gelato, along with the production plants, sales facilities, furnishings, fittings and accessories, has finally been included in the Italian-made products to be safeguarded and defended since it has become the subject of faking by foreign entrepreneurs (above all outside Europe) to the same extent as gourmet products. The President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Germany, Emanuele Gatti, consigned the first two plaques to the Eiscafè Tiziano gelato parlour in Leipzig, second-generation Italian gelato artisans, and the Eiscafè Martini gelato parlour in Gummersbach, now run by the fourth generation of the Martini family. 

At SIGEP, the Italian pastry chef won the world ladies pastry championship, which is held every two years, getting the better of Japan´s Aki Tanimura and France´ Marléene Bachellerie. 

Eight contestants competed, from India (Sanjana Patel), Russia (Farida Babugoeva), Taiwan (Chia-Ying Lin), Brazil (Giuliana Cupini) and Croatia (Nikolina Loncar).
The panel judging the entries was made up of the various contestants´ managers and chaired by Cher Harris (USA), 2014 Pastry Queen. Honorary president was master pastry chef Iginio Massari and international panel president Miguel Moreno (Spain). Born in Turin, Silvia Federica Boldetti is 27 years old and lives in Bologna.

At SIGEP, Italian chocolatier Lorenzo Puca from Pescara won The Star of Chocolate, the International Chocolate Competition that featured master chocolatiers from Japan, Brazil, India, Italy, Austria and France. Second place went to France´s Jerome Martinaud and another Italian was third: Tommaso Molara from Valguarnera Caropepe (Enna). The theme of the second edition of The Star of Chocolate was Jazz music

Italy was also the winner of the bread baking competition, coming in ahead of Switzerland, Japan and China. The international Bread in The City contest featured eight teams of professional bakers also from Peru, Mali, France and Algeria.
Over the five expo days, the teams undertook ten tests, preparing traditional and special bread, Viennoiserie, tarts and a test involving the presentation of savoury items and Pizza. Special prizes went to Italy for the best ciabatta and best presentation, whereas the best Pizza was made by Peru.
The Italian team was made up of Riccardo Liccione from Frossasco (Turin) and Cristian Trione from Saint Christophe (Val d´Aosta); the trainer was Settimio Tassotti. 
This year´s four prize-winning teams, along with the first four in 2015 (Belgium, Spain, Holland and Israel), will participate in the final phase next year on the occasion of AB-TECH EXPO, the biennial expo held simultaneously with SIGEP, which brings together the entire Italian bakery sector, including technologies, key enterprises for Italian-made products and Europe´s leading brands. The international contest, reserved for bakers is promoted by SIGEP in collaboration with Richemont Club Italia and with the patronage of Richemont Club International.

At SIGEP, the finalists were announced of the third edition of Barista & Farmer, the first talent show dedicated to the world of coffee, which will be held in Brazil from May 3rd to 13th 2016 at O´Coffee, the country´s major coffee producer, in the state of San Paolo. The ten contestants will live as coffee pickers with the coffee companies and the format will be transmitted online on the Web site www.baristafarmer.com. Here are the finalists´ names: Jesslyn Evani from Indonesia, Guido Garavello (Italy), Miguel Angel Vera Fernandez (Venezuela), Nikolaos Kanakaris (Greece), Olga Kaplina (Russia), Amy Manukian (Armenia), Evgeni Pinchukov (Belarus), Daniel Rivera (USA), Agnieszka Rojewska (Poland). 
The tenth contestant will be announced in March and will be the winner of the competition being held in Australia during the Melbourne International Coffee Expo. The Barista & Farmer format, directed by Alberto Polojac, is based on an idea by Francesco Sanapo and organized by SIGEP with the patronage of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE).

SIGEP Young, the expo´s longest-lasting event, celebrated its 25th anniversary and is focussed on training and in-the-field experience for the students of Italy´s training schools. Twelve schools took part this year, each with 4 students accompanied by their teachers. During the expo days, as well as showing their skills in a contest entitled ´Chocolate what passion!´, the schools were the key players of courses with master pastry and chocolate artisans and hosted on stands, for the experience of ´live´ work. At the end, as usual, there was also the verdict of the contest dedicated to Luciano Penati, one of the event´s founding fathers: 1° IFPA Istituto di Formazione Professionale Alberghiero from Rovereto, 2° CFP E. Reffo from Tonezza del Cimone (Vicenza), 3° Istituto Professionale Karol Wojtyla from Catania. The special ´Francesca Galati´ prize went to Istituto Panzini of Senigallia. The panel of judges chaired by Maestro Eliseo Tonti awarded the winning school with the ´Pasticceria Internazionale´ Trophy, whereas the students received the Conpait medal and Chiriotti Editori professional books. The teacher/trainer of the winning school was awarded the ´Luciano Mignami´ Plaque of Honour.

ITALIAN COFFEE ROASTING CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st Rubens Gardelli, 2nd Moritz Hofer from Bolzano, 3° Mario Miconi from Poggio Nativo (Rieti).
CIBC - ITALIAN CAFETERIA BARISTA CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st Angelo Segoni from Pescara, 2nd Giacomo Vannelli from Arezzo, 3rd Francesco Masciullo from Maglie (Lecce).
CILIA - ITALIAN LATTE ART CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st Giuseppe Fiorini from Siracusa, 2nd Giuseppe Musiu from Cagliari, 3°
Pietro Vannelli from Cortona (Arezzo).
ITALIAN CUP TASTING CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st Lorenzo Sordini from Lodi, 2nd Alessandro Ghizzardi, 3rd Giovanni Corsini from Brescia
BREWERS CUP: 1st Eddie Righi from Misano Adriatico (Rimini), 2nd Simone Guidi, 3° Jessica Sartiani from Bagno a Ripoli (Florence)
ITALIAN COFFEE IN GOOD SPIRITS CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st Davide Berti, 2nd Marco Poidomani from Modica (Ragusa), 3rd Davide Spinelli from Cagliari.
ITALIAN IBRIK CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st Helena Oliviero, 2nd Antonio Biscotti, 3rd Andrea Faggiana

The Ultimate Chococake Award was the new Puratos Italia contest entirely dedicated to Belcolade. The Chococake Award, which addressed young pastry chefs and chocolatiers, required them to create their own personal interpretation of the Vietnam Cake, i.e. a chocolate cake based on Belcolade Origins Vietnam 73. There were numerous contestants and the ten finalists competed for the prize on the Puuratos Italia stand. Roberto Rinaldini, Davide Malizia, Antonio Daloiso, Sebastiano Caridi, Alfonso Pepe and Boris Willo, led by Maestro Gino Fabbri, elected the winner of contest, Rocco Tribuzio, a young pastry chef from Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari), who astonished the judges with his creation Passione Vietnam, winning the prestigious Vietnam Cocoa Tour, an extraordinary adventure in Vietnam exploring the cacao plantations from which Vietnam 73, the dark single origin beans, the key players of the competition, originate. The silver cup went to Linda Meacci, and Davide Pisano came in third.

1st place GELATERIA BOCCACCIO . Francesco Cusmano . Villa San Giovanni (Reggio Calabria)
2nd place PASTICCERIA GELATERIA 2000 . Maria Annunziata Carbè . Perugia
3rd place GELATERIA DE LUCA . Maria Brica . Messina

1st place 'DONATELLO' flavour by Stefano Romeo . GELATOMIO . Malaysia
2nd place 'PIPARELLA' flavour by Francesco Sottilaro . GELATERIA BOCCACCIO . Villa San Giovanni (Reggio Calabria)
3rd place 'MANNA' flavour by Roberto Fregola . GELATERIA TIRAMISU´ . Catanzaro

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