Company image, in-store and external communication

Company image, in-store and external communication

If you’ve drawn up a business plan and taken the decision to open your own gelato parlour, one of the first things you need to do is define your shop’s positioning and company image.

Having a clear identity is vital, as the consumer has to choose from an array of gelato parlours and does not just buy a product, but a whole experience. Brand communication and a correct brand positioning strategy are becoming increasingly important and have to cover various details:

  • choice of the name and claim
  • gelato parlour logo
  • coordinated image: tubs and cups, take-away containers, bags, ingredients panel, postcards
  • posters inside the point of sale
  • business cards
  • website and social media

Obviously this is a job to do in conjunction with a specialist marketing agency or graphics studio, who will be able to come up with a variety of different creative solutions for you to choose from.

But they can’t do all the work: you need to make sure that you have a clear idea of what type of products you want to sell and what you want to get across to the consumer. In a word, positioning:

  • do you want to push the origin of your ingredients? Lemons from Sorrento, pistachios from Bronte, PGI hazelnuts from Piemonte, a special milk, etc
  • do you believe that your gelato parlour is characterized by natural raw materials? A few natural ingredients, organic gelato, vegan gelato, etc.
  • are you going to be offering a few excellent seasonal gelato flavours or a wide range of not just gelato?
  • do you prefer to use the image of a traditional or a modern gelato parlour?

Online communication is becoming increasingly important, through your website and social media. Your website will tell the story of your gelato parlour, while the graphics must reflect its identity and the main messages you want to get across. Social media is for keeping in contact with and chatting to your current and potential clients

Once you have gone over the positioning, all you need to do is think of the interior design and the fixtures and furnishings for your point of sale, which must match your business ideas and positioning. Again it’s probably worthwhile having this done with the help of specialists, who will come up with a proposal which will be in line with your communication.

A last piece of advice: before taking any decision, spend some time on the web looking at how your competitors and other gelato parlours in the area are communicating.


Company image, in-store and external communication
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