Find your flavour: find your customer


What values do you want to share with your customers? How are your product and service perceived? Understanding that will help you position yourself properly in your market and help improve your business.

Are you about to open your own gelato shop? Or perhaps you are refurbishing it. Or perhaps, more simply, you want to reward your best customers. In all three cases, you should stop a moment and reflect on your positioning.

To identify your positioning, you must first know who your target audience is, either the people you are expecting or, if your business is already running, the customers you have.

Often the “ideal” targets for the gelato-maker are people who appreciate the products which the gelato-maker himself loves most, people who are in line with the very idea of  the gelato shop. Have you chosen to go for all-organic? For unusual flavours? For huge contrasts? The customer who likes your choices will reflect your positioning the most and, even if they make up just a small proportion of your total customer base, faithful customers who like your style are also the ones who provide your business with the greatest value. Use him as your target to help build, maintain and increase customer loyalty.

Even the direction you have chosen to communicate your business is crucial in shaping your positioning and “attracting” the best customer. When we talk about positioning, we means the idea that the customer has of your company and product, and the closer this idea is to yours, the more you can be satisfied with your product and the way you have shared your values.

Have you chosen to go for all-organic? For unusual flavours? For huge contrasts?
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