How to open a gelato shop in Poland

How to open a gelato shop in Poland

Poland is one of the Eastern European countries to have shown most openness and interest towards Italian culinary traditions, in particular towards the world of hand-crafted gelato. But how can this interest be channelled into opening a gelato parlour in Poland? Here are some general guidelines.

In recent years, Poland has seen increasing interest in the world of hand-crafted gelato; today there are around 2,000 gelato parlours owned by about 1,500 gelato makers. It may be a rather small market compared to Italy’s, but it is of considerable interest to those looking to export gelato culture, pursuing high quality standards and refined ingredients. The peculiarities of the Polish market can be summed up in two key factors, i.e. seasonality and flavours.

The summer season, the ideal time for gelato, is very short in Poland, while winters are long and cold which affects the whole process, from production all the way through to sale.

In terms of flavours, an Italian gelateria will on average have 14 wells, while in Poland the number is half that, with just 6-8 flavours.

These flavours also reflect local production and traditions. For example, the most successful fruit flavours are red fruits and wild berries, as Poland is one of the world’s leading producers, or else vanilla, which reminds Poles of their traditional local cuisine, while ripples are also very popular. It should be pointed out that soft-serve gelato machines are a big hit in many businesses, from gelato parlours to bar-patisseries: in total, there are about 10,000. There is plenty of interest in this type of gelato: a soft, creamy, light gelato that requires relatively little investment (also given the favourable euro/złoty exchange rate) and a simpler production process.

But what could and should be the procedure be like to open a gelato parlour in a country like Poland?

First of all, let’s consider what kind of business you want to open – a specialized gelato parlour or a gelato café? Offering hand-crafted gelato together with other products can help top prolong the sales season or even sell during the long winter. This last option is well suited to Poland, where people are used to sitting down comfortably even just to drink a coffee, and where practicable even when the weather is cold, gelato expands the range of products on offer. Various types of product for different times of day can help to sell gelato on a year-round basis. This type of outlet of course guarantees a higher turnover but obviously requires various licenses to be purchased, more space and well-trained staff for different functions, equipment and, often, tables and chairs.

Going back to choosing location, make sure to open up somewhere inside the city. The ideal would be a pedestrian area, where traffic is limited and it is easier to stop to enjoy your cone or tub. Other ideal areas are tourist towns and shopping centres.

It is worth looking into the various bureaucratic steps that need to be taken: several regulations govern the structure of the premises, in addition to the licences and permits needed to open premises, though the bureaucracy involved in starting a business seems much simpler than in other countries. Another important decision that needs to be taken regards the purchase of gelato-making machinery and equipment and basic ingredients: for this and all aspects of the bureaucratic process, the advice and support of Italian companies operating in the sector, some of whom even work abroad, is essential. Furthermore, before opening premises to the public, they have to be approved by a local health inspector who will make sure that they are fit for the purpose.

Also, never forget how important staff training is: knowing how to make a top-quality gelato is essential for gaining the visibility and recognition that guarantee lasting success over time. Again, it is useful to consult the websites of the main gelato schools in Italy, to learn more about the art of gelato-making and get updates on all the news in the sector.

All this is no doubt connected with your ability to communicate the unique nature of your product and your business through the best channels of communication and to follow good marketing practices.

To open an gelato parlour in Poland, it is necessary to follow certain steps and obtain specific permits and authorizations. However, keep in mind that the specific procedures may vary depending on the city or region where you wish to start the business. Here is a general overview of the steps and permissions required:

  1. Company Establishment: You need to decide on the legal form of your business (e.g., limited liability company, sole proprietorship, partnership, etc.) and register your company with the Polish Company Register (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy).
  2. Health Permits: Obtaining a health permit to sell food is necessary. This may require inspection and approval of the premises where the ice cream will be produced and served, as well as compliance with hygiene and health standards required by law.
  3. Business License: A business license is required to operate legally. This license can be obtained from the municipal office (Urząd Miasta) or district office (Urząd Dzielnicy) in your area.
  4. Building Permit: If you plan to open a new establishment or renovate an existing one, you may need to obtain a building permit from the local building office (Urząd Budowlany).
  5. Tax Registration: You must register your business with the tax office (Urząd Skarbowy) to obtain a tax identification number and comply with tax obligations.
  6. Insurance: It is advisable to obtain the necessary commercial insurance to protect your business and its assets.
  7. Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with all local and national regulations regarding commercial activities, workplace safety, waste management, food hygiene, and more.
  8. Personnel: If you intend to hire employees, you must comply with Polish labor laws regarding employment contracts, working conditions, employee rights, and more.

It is always advisable to consult with a lawyer or experienced business consultant to guide you through the process of starting a business in Poland, as they can provide specific information and personalized assistance based on your needs and circumstances.

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How to open a gelato shop in Poland
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