Italian gelato chains continue to grow, both in Italy and elsewhere


Italian gelato chains have 7.5% more points of sale than at this time last year. Foreign sales make up 25.4% – up from 25.2% the previous year – with growth in Spain and United States offset by a slowdown in China and Greece.  Their 1585 points of sale can now be found in 62 countries, up from 58 in the 2019 survey.

| For the fourth year in a row, the Sistema Gelato Study Centre has analyzed the balance between openings and closures in the 50 leading Italian gelato parlour chains.

The number of points of sale (both directly operated and franchised) amounts to 1585, an increase of 110, or +7.5% on the previous year.

Foreign markets have increased their share, with 25.4% of the total compared to 25.2% in the previous year, made up of Europe (32.3%), Asia (18.4%), Middle East (17.9%), Central and South America (15.4%), North America (9.2%), Africa (5.8%) and Oceania (1%).

The number of points of sale abroad grew by 8.3%, reaching an aggregate value of 403 parlours, compared to 372 in 2019, 323 in 2018 and 310 in 2017. The number of countries with at least one Italian gelateria chain rose from 56 to 62, across all five continents, with a few countries appearing on the list for the first time, i.e. Israel, Japan, Cameroon, Reunion, Georgia, Bahrain and Bulgaria. Meanwhile we have lost Bangladesh and Angola.

Of the 50 leading chains, the following achieved outstanding growth figures on foreign markets during 2019: Venchi, Gioelia Cremeria, Cioccolatitaliani, Mammamia and Bacio nero.

The Sistema Gelato study indicates that there are 75 gelateria openings planned in Italy and elsewhere over the next few months (as compared with 100 openings planned over same time period last year).

According to estimates from the Sistema Gelato Study Centre, the 1585 active points of sale using Italian brand names turn over half a billion euros a year, which means bigger sales for Italian suppliers of ingredients, showcases and other gelato equipment.

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