Looking after the point of sale

Looking after the point of sale

Taking care of detail is important, especially when you have just opened and cannot yet count on word of mouth or tradition.

Quality gelato means excellent presentation; so do not neglect appearances – good gelato-makers know they have to catch the customer’s eye before his taste buds.

Creating atmosphere

When (potential) customers come into the gelato shop, they need to see immediately that nothing has been left to chance: furnishings, colors, and lights have to match and create harmony.

When we come into a new place, all five senses are stimulated: good music (preferably in the background) and a pleasant atmosphere will attract people back more often and they will buy more. The colors of the furnishings, the layout of your products, and the cleanliness of your display cases are all vital. Any neglect on your part will make the product look poor too.

The importance of marketing

In the face of so much supply, customers tend to make their choices in a fragmented and inconsistent way; so it is much more difficult for a gelato maker to create loyalty, before even getting to product quality. And so it is vital to communicate what you are offering and its advantages.

But what does communicating mean?

To win over your customers' loyalty, simply follow a few rules:

  • find out what their needs and desires are;
  • create a product and service to satisfy those needs and desires;
  • promote and distribute the product or service in question. 
Looking after the point of sale
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