Pralines stuffed with hand-made gelato

Pralines stuffed with hand-made gelato

Large or small, square or round, colourful and very pretty on the eye, pralines are increasingly being served alongside gelato in the gelato parlour.

Filling your gelato parlour with extra taste and creativity, chocolate pralines are becoming a popular accompaniment for hand-made gelato. This unique, genuine product brings with it an explosion of taste and tradition – pralines are a great alternative to serve at your gelato parlour to help retain existing customers and acquire new ones.

Pralines are dainty chocolates that can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients. Generally hand-made and decorated in a whole variety of ways, chocolate pralines are an ancient Belgian tradition. Initially, the term "praline", of French origin, referred to sugar-coated almonds. The Belgian maître chocolatier Jean Neuhaus decided to revisit the traditional praline recipe by covering it with melted chocolate. That is where the tradition of chocolate pralines began.

Filled with chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, orange or coconut, chocolate pralines are tasty and imaginative ideas to serve up at your own gelato parlour. In a triumph of taste and imagination, chocolate pralines can also be stuffed with hand-made gelato. In fact, by combining a refined pastry technique with traditional hand-made gelato, you can create a real treat for both the palate and the eyes.

Filled with delicate or with stronger flavours and decorated with many different ingredients, chocolate pralines stuffed with hand-made gelato give a sparkling, creative touch to your gelato parlour. Perfect for showing off in your display case, chocolate pralines filled with hand-made gelato combine elegance and sophistication to entice those customers into your gelato parlour.

Pralines stuffed with hand-made gelato
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