Soft Serve

Soft Serve

A soft, creamy, light gelato, ideal for bars, patisseries or small gelato parlours in a restricted range of flavours: consumers love it and all for a lower investment

Soft-serve gelato is an evolution of Italian-style gelato, reworked in a softer key, with a creamy and at the same time lighter flavour. Soft-serve has been very successful over the years, not only in the United States, but also in other countries around the world.

What makes the difference in the final product is the batch freezing phase, as regards both the temperature and softness of this ready-to-serve product. While traditional gelato comes out of the batch freezer at somewhere between -8 and -9°C, soft-serve gelato is ready for action at -6 to -7°C. This apparently slight difference in temperature completely changes the perception on the part of the consumer: the gelato is served up a little “warmer”, leaving a uniquely creamy sensation on the palate. What’s more, in the gelato-making process, the soft-serve machine has a pump that incorporates more air – between 40 and 60 percent of its final weight – making the gelato look decidedly lighter, softer and even more delicious. These attractions for the consumer are reflected in higher margins for the gelato-maker when sold as a price per cone.

More and more professionals have been deciding to invest in this sector, as there are so many plusses, not least the lower capital investment in machinery and equipment for the premises.
The flavour range, though, is not as broad as for Italian-style gelatos, with the most popular ones in soft-serve parlours being vanilla and fiordilatte, creams, chocolate and strawberry. The machines are dual-flavour, and although they can only handle a lower range, the end result is a customer who is highly satisfied.

Who is it for?

  • small-scale soft-serve gelato parlours
  • bars, cafés, restaurants
  • pastry shops


  • takes up less space
  • lower investments if you offer a smaller range of flavours
  • lower energy and water consumption
Soft Serve
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