The display case as a calling card for your gelato business

The display case as a calling card for your gelato business

Though often overlooked, the display case in a gelato parlour is the perfect showcase for attracting the attention of passers-by and acquiring new customers.

A gelato parlour display case on the street is the first communication tool to use for establishing contact with customers, highlighting the image of your gelato parlour and the quality of your products.

However, bear in mind that too much transparency can be counterproductive to customers who are already inside the parlour and, if not handled properly, the display case can even work against the interests of your gelato business. So a middle ground needs to be found that enables you to decorate and make your display case appealing and attractive to passers-by to help them decide whether or not to come in and enjoy a hand-made gelato.

Every professional gelato craftsman knows that you not only have to make good hand-made gelato, but you also need to know how to sell it. The display case in a gelato parlour is the marketing and communications tool par excellence, capable of giving customers a clear idea of the quality of its products. Take all the details into consideration, determine the message you want to convey to customers and what kind of customers you want to reach – these are essential steps to consider before designing a display case.

Make space for creativity by choosing colours, textures, shapes and sizes to attract the attention of passers-by and let them know what you are offering – that is the first step to setting up a functional display case. Pay attention to lighting to create the perfect atmosphere that will persuade passers-by to come into the gelato parlour; choose how to represent your products, with the right choice of colours and décor to reflect the personality of your parlour – these are additional factors in developing active communication with customers.

Once you have identified guidelines for the communication you want to develop with customers, choose the applications that best represent your gelato parlour and its products and stick them onto the glass itself, display a menu with the different flavours of hand-made gelato and a list of the other products for sale in the gelato parlour, or else have some custom decals (shop window transparencies) designed to send a message to passers-by and to persuade them to come into your gelato parlour to enjoy a good gelato!  

The display case as a calling card for your gelato business
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