Creamy express gelato, the final frontier of hand-made gelato

Creamy express gelato, the final frontier of hand-made gelato

Over the course of time, Italian gelato has earned itself a reputation for continuous innovation in production methods, technologies and ingredients, often dictated by the needs of both practising and would-be gelato-makers. 

The increase in running costs and in the investment needed to open a gelato parlour and the lack of available capital has prompted gelato firms to develop new technologies and products, which need less investment and are more appropriate for small gelato shops. In addition, overseas, where the culture of gelato has not yet reached Italian levels, gelato development strategies are often very different from those in Italy.

Creamy express gelato is one of these innovations – a fresh gelato, made light and soft by being mixed with air (in a process known as overrun). It requires less equipment, and smaller, cheaper machines. Suitable for bars, restaurants, and self-service gelato parlours, but also for non-specialized gelato parlours, in which gelato is just one of the products sold, together with pastries, coffees and chocolate. Less space and less investment but also maximum freshness, as it is creamed at the last moment, just before serving. As it is not kept in refrigeration units or in typical showcases, its characteristics remain intact and even when stored in the family refrigerator, its innovative composition helps it stay creamier and less hard. In a nutshell, this is a soft gelato but with characteristics of the finished hand-made craft product.
Gelato ingredient and equipment manufacturers have jumped at this new opportunity by developing tailor-made products for even better results: today there are several types of machine: wall-mounted, table-top, adjustable, fully or semi-automatic, as well as various outstanding semi-finished ingredients. 

In short, creamy express gelato requires less investment, involves lower costs, less knowledge of production methods and less work, while maintaining top quality in the finished product: an interesting solution for both Italy and overseas.
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Creamy express gelato, the final frontier of hand-made gelato
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