Frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt

Using the same technology as soft-serve gelato, an excellent product containing 20% yoghurt. 

Frozen yoghurt is a healthy gelato that is particularly popular abroad, where customers are attracted by its fresh softness, along with the tantalizing flavour of gelato. A product that’s easy to adapt to your customers’ preferences.

You start off from a frozen white yoghurt gelato, which you can customize by adding classic sauces such as chocolate, caramel or sour cherry, or else with a fruit salad or individual fruity chunks. No two tubs come out the same, as everything is based on what the customer chooses, which means there are thousands of different variations. The product is extremely natural, and the gelato-maker uses at least 20% fresh yoghurt.

Frozen yoghurt uses the same technology as soft-serve gelato: a batch freezer with a slightly higher cooling point than on the machines used for traditional gelato, which works between -6 and -7 degrees, leaving a creamy sensation on the palate. The more air is incorporated into the base, the lighter your frozen yoghurt gelato will be. 

There are so many ways of making frozen yogurt gelato. The gelato-maker can either start with a neutral base, adding fresh ingredients to create an excellent product. Or else you can mix ready-to-use ingredients and simply add milk, cream and yoghurt. This is a faster method with results guaranteed by the genuine, safe, quality ingredients provided by the top brands on the market.

Frozen yoghurt is a product that is proving extremely popular in various parts of the world. In Italy, it’s more of a hit in summer holiday resorts and its success is ensured by its fresh yoghurty flavours and its potential for creating imaginative, colourful combinations that customers find delicious and fun, as no two tubs or cones come out the same.

But the biggest markets are outside Italy. In Europe, sales are rather up and down, depending much on current trends, apart from in Spain where thousands of sales points have opened up in recent years. The main markets for frozen yoghurt gelato are in South America, with the highest figures being found in Brazil, and in the United States.

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Frozen Yogurt:  a good business, a healthy product
Frozen Yogurt: a good business, a healthy product

Frozen yogurt is a frozen dessert made with milk, yogurt and other dairy products.

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