Women’s choice


It is mainly women, more careful over calories and the nutritional characteristics of food, who are hand-made gelato’s biggest fans, considering it a “venial” sin, impossible to go without.

Women love it in particular. Because if you look at it closely, two scoops of vanilla gelato have a third of the calorie content of a tiramisu, and just a sixth if it’s a fruit gelato. It is no coincidence that major turnaround is happenng compared to the guilt feelings that chocolate, candies and other sweets continue to cause: only 27% of respondents* said that eating gelato makes them feel guilty because it makes them fat.

Fighting free radicals

One of the beneficial properties of gelato that has emerged from the research is its high level of TAA - total antioxidant activity, especially with for flavors such as chocolate, strawberry or berries, which are packed with vitamins A and C. This helps fight the natural formation of free radicals which human cells undergo and helps combat degenerative diseases as well as being a valuable aid in the fight against wrinkles.

The gelato diet

Confirmation of the fact that gelato can help us reach perfect shape in time for trying on our costumes, there have been increasing number of diets based on gelato in recent years.

There is one which lasts a week based on a bowl of lemon gelato replacing a bowl of pasta, allowing you to enjoy beach life to the full without affecting your waistline! 
Finally, it appears that eating gelato even increases the chances of getting pregnant.

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