Gelato on a stick and gelato biscuits

Gelato on a stick and gelato biscuits

Perfect for a sweet, tasty break. 

In this era of street food, gelato on a stick and gelato biscuits are back in fashion: a creative variant on the Italian tradition of cones and tubs.

From Paleteria Mexicana to classic gelato on a stick, there are seemingly endless ways of coming up with new products to satisfy the tastes of adults and children alike. Whereas it used to be mainly the little ones who were attracted by the colours and combinations of these products, which make a perfect fresh, genuine snack, today the range available has increased so much that even grown-ups are being won over by biscuits stuffed with Italian gelato and by a gelato on a stick. 

There are plenty of machines on the market that – in the blink of an eye – will create the perfect serving of gelato for this type of product. You can also pour freshly creamed gelato into silicone moulds and use a blast chiller to lower the temperature of the gelato sticks, which will need to be put on show in a separate display case and at lower temperatures than traditional gelato. Hand-crafted gelato on a stick has all of the softness that the palate enjoys in traditional gelato, gradually releasing an array of aromas and flavours that will seduce the palate of the consumer.

Gelatos on a stick can be either fruit- or cream-based. In the former, the percentage of fruit can range from 20 to 70% depending on the type of fruit you want to use, while when it comes to creams you’re very much spoiled for choice. Both fruit- and cream-based gelatos on a stick can be covered with melted chocolate and decorated with granules of dried fruit and coconut flakes or whatever your imagination can come up with.

The gelato biscuit is a delicious alternative, which can be served in various sizes: from larger biscuits that you can customize with creams and glazes, to mini-sized products which satisfy the desire for gelato without breaking the calorie bank.

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