Snacking on hand-made gelato – a moment of healthy pleasure

Snacking on hand-made gelato – a moment of healthy pleasure

A key time in young people’s day, a mid-afternoon snack can be a moment of healthy pleasure. A good hand-made gelato is a tasty and nutritious choice, which can help children to opt for a balanced diet, without giving up mouth-watering flavour.

In recent years, children and adolescents have been having many more nutritional problems: a poor diet and lack of exercise are without doubt two key factors. So parents and educators need to commit to getting rid of children’s bad habits and encouraging them to take more exercise.

When it comes to eating, there is one essential meal for children and adolescents which even older people find hard to give up, and that is the mid-afternoon snack. However, the mid-afternoon snack is often a sore point from a nutritional point of view, as it does tend to be made up of unhealthy fatty foods.

Hand-made gelato is a tasty solution that is compatible with a proper diet. Hand-made gelato is delicious and good to eat, but is also a complete and nutritious food, full of proteins and sugars. Depending on the flavours you choose and the number of calories you have left before you reach your daily energy requirements, hand-made gelato can be a genuine and easily-digestible snack.

If you need a fairly low-calorie diet and you are looking for a light refreshing snack, go for fruit gelato flavours. On the other hand, hand-made cream gelatos are the perfect flavours for hungry people, especially those with a sweet tooth, who may have had a light lunch and need a few extra calories.

Nutritious and refreshing, hand-made gelato is a gourmet treat and a healthy food for a balanced and healthy snack.

Snacking on hand-made gelato – a moment of healthy pleasure
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