Bakery is also a key player in the fast food world

Bakery is also a key player in the fast food world

The most important trends in the bakery chain showcased at Rimini Fiera: from artisan to semi-industrial bakery!

The bakery chain increases its space at SIGEP and the 2015 edition, being held at Rimini Fiera from 17th to 21st January, with the simultaneous staging of A.B.TECH EXPO, will confirm its role as the only expo event in Europe able to unite the entire production and distribution chain, along with artisan confectionery and quality coffee.

Three more halls (D5, D7 and B7) and two connecting halls (B5-D5 and B7-D7) will highlight the new business perspective for enterprises, which is now more than just a trend, i.e. that of addressing multi-function venues in which the sale of bread is alternated with serving breakfasts, snacks and aperitifs… and is constantly evolving.

Rimini Fiera business unit manager Patrizia Cecchi explains, ´This is the reason it is necessary to establish a format that ensures better coverage of the new perspective. This is why we are talking about the ‘bakery sector´. At the expo there will be companies that are the key players in the artisan and semi-industrial productive process, those that realize sales outlets and others that widen the bakery trade´s range with their products. This has created the perfect terrain for integration with the fast food world and therefore with RHEX, our expo on catering for eating out. This combination enables to create interesting business prospects.´

No other expo in the world - considering SIGEP, A.B.TECH EXPO and RHEX together - is able to propose an insight on this business dynamism, already widespread everywhere. So Rimini Fiera will be the site of the bread battle: Italy´s ´ciabatta´ is tastier and highlights fillings better than France´s ´baguette´. The ´battle-site´ will be Bread in the City (Hall B7), the international contest staged at A.B.TECH EXPO with eight international teams, 16 contestants and an international panel chaired by Switzerland that will judge the world´s bread specialities, with an Italian slant.
Bread in the City will launch new bakery shop formats with specific objectives: bakers/pastry chefs/food connoisseurs as standard-bearers of professionalism.
The contest will thus highlight the showcase of a modern bakery shop as a venue providing wellness, conviviality and excellent service. The contest´s rules contestant to make various types of bread, savoury pies and cakes of various sizes, filled rolls, sandwiches, viennoiseries and leavened puff products.
As well as the two workshops dedicated to the contest, there is a third that will simulate a semi-industrial bakery and will be at the disposal of the members of the Richemont Club Italia for making typical regional bread specialities but, above all, the ciabatta, as the symbol of the world´s best-known Italian bread.
Registered contestants are from Taiwan, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain and Israel.
Main sponsors: Poolpack and Molino Grassi. Event sponsors: Lesaffre and Corman

The Bakery Events, promoted in collaboration with Richemont Club, will include numerous important events for the bakery world (in Hall D7). These will include the ´Bread Talent Show´ a contest in which professionals will propose their innovations in a video. Before the expo, participants will take part in selection heats, and the remaining finalists will fight it out to win a trip to Shanghai offered by Lesaffre. The best twelve videos will compete (three per day for four days) and will be projected at Rimini Fiera along with the presentation of the innovative idea. Lastly, the four best will be posted on Facebook for 24 hours and whoever receives the most ´likes´ will wind the trip.

For information, write to There will also be ´Sartoria´ workshops (innovative packaging), ´Bottega´ (new trends in bread stores), ´Focacceria´ (a workshop for making bakery specialities) and ´Officina´ (demos of semi-industrial workshops with machinery for making typical products).

The expo area brings together all the large Italian enterprises and the best foreign companies in the sector of technology, semi-finished products and ovens with the world´s leading brands. This can also be seen in the section dedicated to Pizza, dynamic and rapidly evolving, with exhibitors and events that will ensure one of the best Italian-made products a leading role.
There is extraordinary participation in Rimini by world-leading brands of bakery ingredients, such as AB Mauri, Lesaffre, Molino Quaglia, Grandi Molini Italiani, Gruppo Mobe and Molino Dallagiovanna. For technology, the brands include, Beda Koma, Miwe, Kaak, RademaKer, Canol, LoGiudiceForni, Sottoriva, Tagliavini, Ing. Polin, Mondial Forni and Zucchelli.

Numerous events are planned for the Pizza world. This include (organized by NIP Nazionale Italiana Pizzaioli) the 16th ´Pizzas of the future´ World Championship (Hall B7) which will feature conventional, functional and alternative pizzas. There will also be daily demos of new products, new projects, training activity and gastronomic competitions. In the area dedicated to gluten-free food, new equipment will also be presented for working with and making gluten-free products. The program also includes the presentation of the new Pizza & Coffee project, a new modus operandi for boosting the Bar sector.
The innovation for 2015 will be the DietPizza, made with FiberPasta flour, high quality flour with a certified low glycaemic index for those who have to follow a diet with a low sugar content.
There will also be the debut of the 1st Italian New Pizza Cook Championship, offering an opportunity of those who have begun this work recently to make themselves known and get to know the pizza parlour world better.


Bakery is also a key player in the fast food world
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