Bringing gelato into your bar – a new business opportunity in the Coronavirus Age

Bringing gelato into your bar – a new business opportunity in the Coronavirus Age

Initially, many bars lost all of their daily takings during the Coronavirus crisis and have still not yet got back to normal.  Fewer customers, with different habits leading to lower individual sales, have led many bars to look for unexplored opportunities and new products to serve up.

Hand-crafted gelato’s versatility makes it an excellent solution for bars looking to broaden their product range – there are a number of solutions, due to the innovations that have occurred over recent years in production techniques, ingredients, machinery and equipment and display technologies.


Please take the following parameters into account if you are looking to start serving hand-crafted gelato in your bar:


-             how much space is available for making and displaying gelato

-             how many flavours you wish/are able to offer

-             what your potential customer base is like

-             how seasonal sales are

-             how much experience you have with production methods and how easy they are

-             how much you need to invest


There are a wide range of options available today for bars and cafés, including gelato on a stick, espresso gelato, traditional Italian gelato, a batch freezer display case, gelato creams and frozen yoghurt.


If you’ve got plenty of space for a workshop and for display, you might want to consider making traditional gelato and displaying it in a 12-24 flavour showcase. There’s no doubt about it, setting up your own gelato workshop needs not only plenty of space, but also the professional competency that you can build up by following one of the many courses provided by training schools.

If you’ve not got that much space, you might want to opt for soft-serve or espresso gelato, produced on demand, a fresh-tasting alternative made from the finest Italian ingredients, which requires lower investment, less technical skill, but of course restricts the number of flavours you can sell. When winter comes along, the machines can easily be moved into storage to make room for other products.

One innovative solution could be the batch freezer display case, where the gelato is mixed inside the stainless steel mould it is then served from. Again, this limits the number of flavours to 4-6, but it’s much easier to just wheel the display case away again during winter.

Lastly, gelato creams, which are already very popular in bars, or hand-crafted gelato on a stick, which has been catching on in recent times – both take up even less space, and are becoming ever trendier thanks to the quality ingredients available on the market.


There are so many different solutions available today – the main thing is to weight them up carefully and then choose the one that best suits your needs.


Bringing gelato into your bar – a new business opportunity in the Coronavirus Age
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