Expo Gelato: even gelato will have its own programme during EXPO 2015

Expo Gelato: even gelato will have its own programme during EXPO 2015

The Expo Gelato project aims to use the opportunity provided by Expo to show off the very best in a food sector recognized throughout the world as an Italian speciality – artisan gelato. 

A supply chain based on technology and craftsmanship which combines tradition and innovation, blending the value of top technology & equipment with the knowhow of the craftsman, the main figure in the gelato-making process.

The event, backed by Bergamo Chamber of Commerce, aims to promote Italian hand-made gelato, especially the supply chain around Bergamo. This area features a unique set of outstanding professionals who cover every step in the production chain, from raw materials, ingredients, machines and equipment, to furniture, from containers to cones and wafers, from accessories to the gelato shops themselves. All the production sectors represented at the Chamber of Commerce will be coming together for the first time at this great festival. For all these reasons, during Expo the gelato supply chain will be ably represented by the city of Bergamo, with a project that aims to be just the beginning of a network designed to promote, enhance, and otherwise develop the sector.

A sector worth 3.2 billion euros in Italy alone, with gelato sales of 2 billion euros through 39,000 points of sale and gelato shops nationwide. Internationally, however, the market is small, with ample room for growth and development for our companies.

An edutainment project for the general public and for operators in the gelato sector will feature recent graduates from our University illustrating the techniques and qualities behind each company and each process. Together with the learning side there will of course be time for tasting and plenty of fun too, with students from vocational schools in San Pellegrino and Sarnico who will be getting down to some real gelato-making in the workshop.

The exhibition area was funded by Banca Popolare di Bergamo and will be divided into three sections: KNOWING, MAKING & EATING.

Knowing will be happening in the Gallery, in lower Bergamo’s famous Cloister of Santa Marta, with a presentation of the fascinating history of gelato and the uniqueness of 20 gelato firms, 18 of them local while two of them (Fabbri and Ferrero) are household names throughout Italy. The presentation will be divided up into various areas MATERIALS, TECHNIQUES & CONTAINERS.

MAKING will be happening in the Lab, in the ex Sacerdoto Uomo space, with the creation of a true hands-on workshop where the public can come and follow the process of making fresh gelato every day and take part in seminars, meetings and exhibitions by top international experts (from the Gelato World Cup) as well as the finest Italian gelato craftsmen (from the Italian School of Gelato-Making).  The workshop will be run by the Bergamo Gelato-Makers’ Committee, with a new gelato-maker each day – which means a new taste of the day, every day!

Eating will be happening in the living area, on the corner of Via Crispi and the Santa Marta Gallery, where a 300 square metre exhibition space will be set aside for tasting gelato. The perfect place to meet up and share a delightful gelato with old friends or to make new friends from all corners of the globe.

The interior design is worthy of special mention: Francesca Perani has designed spaces with a contemporary feel, stimulating the senses with her use of materials, colours, transparencies and furnishings that will transform the visit into a real Gelato Experience, temporarily transforming the usage of public and private spaces in a process of constant renewal and rebirth.

There are other smaller projects which also help promote the gelato supply chain: an internationalization plan which aims to attract gelato businessmen and women from Germany, Morocco and Poland, as well as media figures from Italy and elsewhere.  The internationalization plan features Baboon, the Milanese press office specializing in food and SIGEP, the international exhibition held in Rimini which this year attracted more than 1000 exhibitors and 180,000 visitors. The corporate communication plan will make great use of the web, social media and relational marketing projects to bring together companies, consumers and operators worldwide. And last but not least comes our partnership with the Veronesi Foundation, which has been active for years in prevention through nutrition and which regards gelato as “healthy food”. Representatives of the Foundation will be coming to talk about the project and its objectives.




Expo Gelato: even gelato will have its own programme during EXPO 2015
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