GastroPan 2023 – first details about the GastroPan Competitions

GastroPan 2023 – first details about the GastroPan Competitions

The GastroPan 2023 international exhibition offers another undeniably important source of knowledge and information transfer necessary to define the further direction of development of the bakery, pastry, confectionery, ice cream, chocolate, milling and HoReCa industry.

The event that will take place between 17-19 March 2023, in Brașov city Romania, Lux Divina center, will bring together supply and demand, suppliers and customers, allow complex presentations of products, technologies and services for an interested specialist audience.

About GastroPan Competitions 2023

Between 17-19 March 2023, during the exhibition, GastroPan Competitions will reward the most talented bakers, confectioners and chefs. They will compete in 3 competitive sections (CONFECTIONERY, BAKERY-PASTRY, GASTRONOMY), and an independent jury, made up of high-class Romanian and foreign specialists, will award the most successful cakes, the best artistic creation from sugar paste, the best bread, the tastiest pastries and the best cooked food.

In addition to supporting professional development in the field, GastroPan Competitions have the ability to impose innovative products on the market, boosting competitiveness in the sector and promoting businesses in the field of bakery and confectionery. The performance of the competitors will be rewarded by the organizers with diplomas, cups and medals, while the companies they represent will benefit from free media coverage both in the specialized press and through the mass media channels present at the event.

New for the next edition of the exhibition is the category dedicated to students who have the opportunity to present their conceptions and ideas regarding the themes of the competitions. Young people represent the present, but also the future, being the next generation that will bring new trends in the fields.

New topics according to trends in the field

GastroPan competitions are organized taking into account new trends, both in the country and abroad. Based on the themes, the competitors have the opportunity to put their creativity and imagination into practice by creating a unique product with their personal stamp. Here are the themes of the GastroPan Competitions:


• Cake of the Year of 2023 – theme: Basic semi-prepared choux – scalded dough

• Sugar paste artistic creation – theme: Wedding cakes – extravagance


• Bread of the Year 2023 artisanal – theme: Bakery products with the addition of seeds with a functional role

• Pastry products – theme: Pastry products with a functional role


• Theme: Love Food, Hate Waste – reuse of food by-products in bakery-pastry products


• Theme: Health starts from the plate! – for student teams

The advantages of participating at GastroPan Competitions

• Competitions within the event help manufacturers with ideas for product diversification, marking market trends and increasing the notoriety of manufacturers in the field

• Consumer confidence in a particular producer can increase considerably if that producer wins the title of "Bread of the Year" or "Cake of the Year". This title can be used to add value to the entire product range

• The medals, cups and diplomas won can be used for promotion and marketing, as they are judged by a jury made up of the best Romanian and foreign specialists in the field

• The finished products presented at GastroPan attract the most visitors, as well as representatives of the press.

The registration deadline for Gastropan Competitions is 3 February 2023. Additional information about GastroPan Competitions 2023 can be requested by calling +4073 33 13 042 or email

For more information and details regarding the methods of participation and promotion prepared by the organizers for suppliers in the field, contact the organizers at or by phone at +40733 313 043.

GastroPan 2023 – first details about the GastroPan Competitions
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