GastroPan Exhibition returns in 2017

GastroPan Exhibition returns in 2017

The next edition of GastroPan exhibition will take place between 23rd-25th March 2017.

GastroPan exhibition is organized annually and reunites the supply with the demand on the market, the suppliers with their potential clients in a context that allows complex presentations of products, technologies and services for visitors who are professionals in the abovementioned sectors. In 2016, more than 130 exhibitors from 25 countries (4 continents) participated at the trade fair presenting technologies, ingredients and products of the latest international trends.

Who are the visitors of GastroPan?

Among the thousands of visitors invited nominally to the business event of the sector are specialists, managers and entrepreneurs representing industrial and artisan bakeries, pastry shops, confectioneries, ice cream makers, chocolate shops, restaurants, professional kitchens and hospitality establishments. Previous editions of the show have been visited by over 20,000 visitors and the expectation for 2017 is even greater.

Who are the exhibitors of GastroPan?

Exhibitors of GastroPan are world-class suppliers activating on the Romanian and international market, who present equipment, ingredients, accessories, solutions, technology for all types of businesses in the bakery, confectionery, coffee, gelato, pasta, hospitality and food service market.

A new location for GastroPan 2017

GastroPan 2017 will take place in the city of Sibiu, Romania, in a venue that brings an upgrade in terms of modernism and professionalism as the exhibition center has been recently renovated and is easily accessible.

How to book a booth for GastroPan 2017?

Companies offering solutions and technologies for businesses in the bakery, pastry, confectionery and hospitality industry can book booths for GastroPan 2017 by writing to e-mail address. More information about how to become an exhibitor at the trade fair can be asked for on the following telephone number:
 +40787 677 310.

GastroPan Exhibition returns in 2017
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