GastroPan Trade Fair - Romania

GastroPan Trade Fair - Romania

What Programs will the Baking and Food Service Specialists Enjoy at GastroPan Trade Fair - Romania

Over 20,000 managers and specialsits from the Romanian baking and food service sectors are expected to visit the greatest dedicated trade fair organized on the market. Visitors from other european coutries are also invited to visit the eighth edition of GastroPan, which will take place between 7-9 April 2016, in the city of Targu Mures, Romania.
More than 130 world class suppliers from 25 countries will exhibit their latest innovations on a 7,000 square meter exhibiting space at GASTROPAN. The President Expo Center in Targu Mures will become the meeting point of technology, art and innovation. Check out some of the dynamic programs you can enjoy by visiting the exhibition.

THURSDAY - APRIL 7 GastroPan 2016 open its gates to the visitors at 10:00 a.m. Exhibitors will showcase their latest products through dozens of live demo shows, while hundreds of bakers and confectioners will compete for prizes such as the “Bread of the Year” and “Cake of the Year” trophies.

FRIDAY - APRIL 8  The baking and gastro ingredients, machines and technologies will continue to be highlighted at the exhibitors’ booths, while skilled chefs from all across the country will show their talents at the culinary competitions: fruit and vegetable sculpting and cold dishes will be the main themes. The second day of exhibition ends with a Festive Dinner which unites producers and suppliers on the market.

SATURDAY - APRIL 9 Exhibitors will once again show the benefits of their solutions for bakeries, confectioneries, gelato and chocolate shops, biscuit and pasta producers, restaurants and food service units, bars and coffee shops. Visitors will also admire products and artistic pieces of the GastroPan Competitions.


GastroPan Trade Fair - Romania
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