Italian Gelato Worldwide: the Chain Format is on the rise

Italian Gelato Worldwide: the Chain Format is on the rise

The Sigep Observatory monitors the main chains of gelato parlours and has recorded a 4% positive trend in new store openings in 2018. Excellent performance in Central and South America (+11%) and the Middle East (+8.1%). Each new opening of a gelato parlour worldwide generates “Made in Italy” export sales of €100,000 in equipment, and €25,000 in products annually.

Chains are the most powerful format for expansion and support of the opening of new stores, especially outside of Italy and the number of companies able to spread high quality and efficiency is currently growing.

Also at the SIGEP (the International Trade Show of artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and the World of Coffee organised by Italian Exhibition Group, whose 40th edition will take place at the Rimini Expo Centre, Italy, from 19th till 23thJanuary 2019) the dimension of chains has taken on increasing importance over the past few years.

The SIGEP Observatory monitors the main Italian chains of gelato parlours and soft/stick gelato and yogurt parlours. In collaboration with Sistema Gelato, they have analysed 80 chains both with direct retail points and by affiliation for a total of 2,225 commercial outlets, 37% of which abroad.

1,288 points of sales in chains of the “gelateria” format have been recorded, 965 of which in Italy and 323 abroad.

The comparison between the 2017 and 2018 figures in foreign countries is positive, with an overall growth of 4% in the areas of Central South America (+11%) and the Middle East (+8.1%), showing increasing dynamism. Also Asia (+4.1%) and Europe (not including Italy) of 1.8% show a growing trend.

It should be noted that gelato parlours are now present in 76 countries on all continents.

The phenomenon of franchising and chains still has ample room for growth. At the moment, the analysis has identified four Italian gelato brands with over 50 stores each worldwide. Evidently enough, chains represent the tool guaranteeing the greatest speed for expansion in the industry, in particular in the farthest foreign markets.

It should be considered that any new opening, both direct or by affiliation, also generates new business through equipment, installations, furnishings and ingredients, all strictly “made in Italy”. Sistema Gelato estimate that each gelato parlour that is being launched outside the country generates over a year an export for Italy of at least €100,000 in equipment, furnishings and machinery, and €25,000 in products and ingredients.

The SIGEP Observatory will continue their analysis of the chain format and the process of globalization, with a focus on specific markets. The conference “Going Global” at Sigep 2019 will hold round tables for the comparison between the main players in the industry, with a specific focus on Germany.

Italian Gelato Worldwide: the Chain Format is on the rise
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