Mystery box. The test of the gelato world cup from which real champions emerge

Mystery box. The test of the gelato world cup from which real champions emerge

Ceschin, Champion of the 2012 Gelato World Cup: ´It is a highly professional test. Nothing is improvised,preparation, experience and fantasy are indispensable´ The ingredients will be supplied by excellent Italian companies:Alce Nero, Amarelli, Arborea, Borsci San Marzano, Condorelli, Le Delizie di Marchi,Manuel Caffè, Morello Austera, Ravifruit, Simone Gatto, Vicentini Mlesna, Waffelman.

Rimini, 12th November 2015 . Of the series: everything can be frozen, everything can become a marvellous gelato! The Mystery Box is perhaps the most intriguing test of the seven foreseen by the rules and regulations of the Gelato World Cup: the gelato artisan of each of the 14 competing teams (Poland, Morocco, Germany, Chile, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Singapore, USA, Switzerland, Uruguay and Italy) is assigned an surprise ingredient and with it - which becomes the key element . he or she must prepare a gelato recipe and make it in a decidedly short space of time. The gelato will then be presented in a moulded cone to the international panel of judges for tasting, while the recipe will be discussed with the technical board members.

This is a very difficult test, but offer the gelato artisans the opportunity of creating a special recipe using unique ingredients, which are the best to be found on the Italian agro-food market, whose companies are often the result of entrepreneurial ingeniousness and are firmly rooted in Italy´s history. 

Leonardo Ceschin, the master gelato artisan in the winning team of the 2012 Gelato World Cup comments, ´The Mystery Box is a very complex test and the contest on which gelato artisans´ talent, preparation and fantasy are seen. Nothing is improvised, the result must be a high quality product and the details make the difference. So, it shows who is really talented and prepared, who has good taste and sensibility when matching the ingredients. Ceschin adds, ´The Gelato World Cup is a great workshop: it´s based on world-level work, preparation, innovation and experimentation, aspects to be studied, and of great value for the entire sector.´

The Italian brands, among the leaders of the Italian agro-food and spirits market, who decided to support the Gelato World Cup with their prestigious products are

ALCE NERO GROUP. The Alce Nero brand is synonymous with biological produce, and behind the name there are over a thousand farmers and beekeepers who, since seventies, have been dedicated to producing good food that nourishes correctly and to agriculture that respects the land. Valuable age-old crop varieties are selected and exploited, cultivating them in the most suitable fields and zones in Italy and elsewhere in the world. The product assortment ranges from pasta through sauces to breakfast products, etc. As far as honey is concerned typical Italian flavours are produced, gathered by the beekeepers from the Alpine foothills, for chestnut and acacia, to southern Italian regions, for orange and eucalyptus. Preparation and packaging is carried out delicately to maintain the natural characteristics: after filtering, they are blended and jarred at a low temperature (approximately 40°C).

AMARELLI - Black, shining and seductive liquorice comes from Rossano. The ´pebbles´ are a pleasure to eat, one at a time,, letting them melt slowly on one´s mouth, or to make gelato, chocolates, grappa, liquor and beer, as well as cosmetic products. Amarelli has a long fascinating history, a family company with its roots in the land of Calabria. The idea of selling liquorice (glycyrrhiza glabra, i.e. sweet root) dates back to 1500. In 1731, to exploit the use of this typical product of the coast of the Ionian Sea to the utmost, the Amarelli family set up a proto-industrial plant, called ´concio´. Three centuries later, Amarelli, which has set up a famous prestigious liquorice museum to document its lengthy history, is part of ´Les Hénokiens´, the exclusive association formed by approximately 40 family companies founded at least two centuries ago throughout the world. The combination of avant-garde production technology and artisans´ respect for tradition results in liquorice that is unique and pure: one of the flagships of Italian-made products. 

ARBOREA - The Italian cooperative that produces milk and its by-products in a sustainable manner. Established in 1956, the company took its name from the Municipality of Arborea, a small town built following the reclamation of a marshy zone in Sardinia. 
The Latte Arborea Cooperative immediately became ´Cows´ wonderland´: its produce includes milk, mozzarella, ricotta, yogurt and fresh and seasoned cheese, made only with Sardinian milk, with the entire production chain managed in a sustainable manner. Alongside these products, there are other produced without lactose, WEY, the first beverage based on whey and fruit and, following the recent acquisition of Fattorie Girau, sheep´s and goat´s milk, yogurt, ricotta and cheeses.
Arborea is now the major production hub of the milk sector in Sardinia, the fourth largest milk/cheese cooperative in Italy and is 13th on the ranking of Italian producers. It has 240 associated companies, 290 employees and exports in over 20 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

BORSCI SAN MARZANO . Thanks also to its use in gelato making, Elisir San Marzano Borsci is now a real classic among Italian liqueurs. The fourth generation of the Borsci family continues to dedicate its expertise to the production of this mysterious Elixir, famous for its versatility: excellent after a meal if drunk straight or in thirst-quenching cocktails, it highlights the aroma of coffee and is an irreplaceable ingredient in numerous pastry recipes and cups of gelato. It has kept its label of ´eastern speciality´ and the two-headed eagle, symbol of Albania, bearing witness to this day of a prestigious past. In fact, to follow the history of this brand, it is necessary to go back to the 15th century, when the Borsci family, of Caucasian origin, migrated to Albania, and from there part of the family move to San Marzano, in Apulia. In 1840, Giuseppe Borsci, who had inherited the recipe of a unique liqueur from his ancestors, perfected its preparation, launching the Elixir, which was to be tasted and appreciated by millions of consumers worldwide. In 1964, the Borsci family moved to Taranto, building an even larger, more practical factory. Now, thanks to the collaboration with the Caffo Group, whose symbolic product is the Vecchio Amaro del Capo, Elisir San Marzano is increasing is market penetration. 

CONDORELLI - The patisserie founder by Francesco Condorelli in 1933, on the slopes of Mount Etna, has grown to become the present-day Industria Dolciaria Belpasso SpA., with manufacturing plants that currently cover a production area of over 8,000 square metres, thanks to the ability to re-invent one of the symbols of Italian confectionery tradition, torrone nougat, proposing a soft single-portion version: the famous ´Torroncino´. 
The company sells its products in over 30 countries and, thanks to the production techniques closely bound to artisan traditions, produces up to 15,000 kilos of torrone and torroncini every day, processing up to 6,000 kilos of almonds, 1,500 of honey and 2,500 of chocolate daily. The Torroncino is available with nine different coating flavours. Condorelli is the market leader in Italy for beverages based on almond milk with a market share of over 50%. The extra-fine confectionery products are made with the excellent raw materials that Sicily offers and the range of chocolate confectionery is truly unique for its territorial varieties. 

LE DELIZIE DI MARCHI - Meringue, white, toffee-coated and decorative. Not to mention crunch, white and amber-coloured, and macarons. These are the ´Delizie di Marchi´ (Marchi´s Delights), a company founded in 2000 that soon became a name well-rooted in the industrial confectionery production market. The avant-garde technologies it uses ensure the utmost respect for current norms and regulations and maximum production flexibility, which enable it to meet any large-scale request with a top-grade service. 

MANUEL CAFFE´ - For forty years, the best beans in the world are toasted, left to mature, blended and packaged with passion, becoming an inimitable, excellent Italian product. The Manuel Caffè story begins in the fifties in Conegliano Veneto, when Giuseppe and Bruna De Giusti take their first steps in the art of coffee roasting and inaugurate the first site of the company´s activity, supplying cafeterias with the best products. In 1975, the brand´s graphics were created. From 2000, under the guidance of the second generation, made up of Emanuela, Mauro and Cristina, the company´s premises and prospects expanded by means of the internationalization of the company´s sales, starting with Germany. The new Manuel Caffè roasting plant combines innovative technology with artisan care to ensure an increasingly excellent product. The SpazioCaffè concept by Manuel Caffè was launched in 2009, and became a real business generator in Italy, Europe and the USA.

MORELLO AUSTERA. The company´s mission is cultivating fruit respecting its natural cycles, re-proposing native species that highlight the biodiversity of which the Cantiano area is extraordinarily rich, thanks to its microclimate. The company´s orchards form a unique Garden of Eden for food professionals; fruits ´forgotten´ by the majority of the public (but very much alive in the great recipe books and important literature of the 1800s and 1900s) are re-discovered here: from the famous ´Amarene´ (sour black cherries), to Angelica pears, mulberries, blackberries, wild cherries; plus white cherries, forgotten varieties of peaches and applies, figs, raspberries... All this is Morello Austera, a gem in the agro-food sector of Italy´s Marches region, created by the Lupatelli brothers. The company has the utmost respect for the land, the natural ripening cycles and processing procedure: from the care taken with the orchards (without using chemical fertilizers) harvesting by hand, through to stoning and the end product. The jams are 100% natural and, like the Amarena, do not contain preservatives, dyes or chemical thickeners. The only ingredients used are fruit, sugar, lemon rind and natural citrus pectin. As well as its jams, the company is famous for its Vino&Visciole (wine and sour black cherries).

RAVIFRUIT - Respect for nature, protection of flavour´s authenticity, top-grade service and quality. In a word - ´excellence´. These are the values that have distinguished fruit processing specialist Ravifruit since its foundation in 1981. The figures show its identity: 130 employees, 12,500 tons of product sold in 2014, 65 countries in a distribution network covering five continents. 
The enterprise, whose strong points are growing, harvesting, processing and serving, selects the ´best´ territories, species varieties and climate to ensure the taste characteristics required from its products. It buys directly from individual farmers, cooperatives or from farmers via collectors and pre-processing companies. The fruit is only harvested when completely ripe, in order to ensure that its organoleptic characteristics are conserved. After carefully selecting the fruit, the company processes it, with the assistance of experts, chefs and skilful pastry chefs and using innovative processing methods. Among the top-grade products, frozen fruit and vegetable purée, fruit purée, deep frozen coulis, frozen fruit compote and IQF fruit.

SIMONE GATTO - Simone Gatto puts its secret, natural non-pasteurized frozen juice, at contestantsÔ disposal. A juice with no preservatives or other additives.
The company produces only essential oils and 100% pure, natural and very high quality juices. 
Founded in 1926 by Simone Gatto with his son Salvatore and now at the fifth generation, with a modern factory in San Pier Niceto (Messina), the company is very careful to maintain ethical behaviour and respect local and European laws on matters of hygiene and food safety, the environment and its employees.
It has UNI EN ISO 9001 and BRC certification, works adopting a self-controlled HACCP approach and also has BIO EU, NOP and JAS certification. 

VICENTINI MLESNA - La Vicentini Casa del Fruttino is a fourth-generation confectionery company headquartered in Thiene, in the north of the Vicenza province. Its main activity is the production, import and packaging of Vicentini candy and the exclusive distribution for the European Community of Mlesna teas, produced and packaged in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). These teas have guaranteed designation of origin, as is certified by the lion logo, which is only granted to tea packaged in Sri Lanka according to the of the Sri Lanka Tea Board standards. Mlesna tea comes from the best mountain plantations, at a height of over 2,000 metres, where the damp misty climate keeps the leaves small, sweet and tender. Hand picked and processed with traditional methods, this top quality tea is golden and bright and when poured releases a fresh, sweet aroma, with vegetable tastes and perfumes, but with no astringent notes. 

WAFFELMAN - Flour, eggs, sugar, butter and vanilla are the good simple ingredients of Waffel, confectionery products that Waffelman began making in 1987 in the old town centre of Pistoia in a small shop opened by Giuseppe Galati. Since then, the distribution of this cake has become national, and then international. 
Production is now carried out in a 1,400 square metre plant, but the company is still family-run and the product respects the artisan characteristics, while at the same time meeting the requirements of the global market. The choice of quality raw materials and recipe make these Waffels unique and immediately recognizable for their aroma and taste. Waffelman also makes other products, such as crepes and pancakes. 

Platinum Sponsors: Comprital (gelato ingredients) and Valrhona (chocolate), Electrolux (equipment).
Silver Sponsors: ACOMAG, Carpigiani, Cattabriga, Frigogelo, Telme (machinery), Medac (paper cups), Ostificio Prealpino (cones).
Technical sponsors: Arborea (milk and cream), Ifi (showcase), Ferimpex (frozen fruit), France Lait (powdered milk), Naturalia (sugar and natural sweeteners), Ravifruit (purée and frozen fruit), Régilait (powdered milk), San Bernardo (mineral water), Sara Creazioni (uniforms), Sculture di Ghiaccio (ice), Silikomart (moulds), Tekna (vertical showcases).
Mystery sponsors: Alce Nero, Amarelli, Aroborea, Borsci San Marzano, Condorelli, Le Delizie di Marchi, Manuel Caffè, Morello Austera, Ravifruit, Simone Gatto, Vicentini Mlesna, Waffelman.
Supporters: Eridania (sugar), Metalmobil (VIP area furniture), Paperlynen (hats), Selmi (tempering machines).
Media Partners: Punto.It and Pasticceria Internazionale.

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Mystery box. The test of the gelato world cup from which real champions emerge
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