Pastry events 2017 Fights to the last sweet “Slam”

Pastry events 2017 Fights to the last sweet “Slam”

Based on an idea by Master Pastry Chef Iginio Massari, on Sunday 22nd Panettone will be officially nominated worldwide ambassador of top Italian artisan pastry

From Europe, America or Asia, top names acclaimed by the public or the sector’s new talents…  Entering the “ring” of the Pastry Arena at this 38th edition of SIGEP (Fiera di Rimini, 21-25 January 2017), numerous great master pastry chefs will fight it out to the last sweet “slam” at the various eagerly awaited competitions programmed. As well as the Junior Pastry World Championship, Hall B5 will host the program of Pastry Events, where the top of the artisan confectionery world at international level will be spotlighted, sharing innovation and passing on knowledge to visitors.

On Monday 23rd January, the national championships will be held. The Pastry Arena will host the Italian Senior Pastry Championship, with a free choice of theme and addressing the peninsula’s most talented pastry chefs. A fundamental contest for highlighting a continually growing sector. An important opportunity for comparing skills and professional growth for the great masters competing.

Also on Monday 23rd January, simultaneously the key players will also be the new generation, with the Italian Junior Pastry Championship. At the heart of the competition, above all the intent to support youngsters, providing them new means, stimuli and opportunities for meeting, all essential ingredients for professional training. The Italian pastry world’s young talents will compete giving form and taste to their imagination, and will be inspired by the theme of Cartoons.

On Tuesday 24th January, from 10.30 am, a great show with Special Pastry Camp. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Cast Alimenti, the Pastry Arena will host a gathering of professionals of the calibre of Iginio Massari, Luigi Biasetto, Gabriele Bozio and Leonardo Di Carlo. The Masters will host truly top-grade demos (also with live streaming coverage) to represent the very high level of Italian pastry art. The audience will consist in international trade visitors attending, the numerous youngsters awaited (for the occasion admission is also permitted for students on Tuesday) and the SIGEP Young participants. At the end, there will be a great celebration for the 20th anniversary of the foundation of Cast Alimenti, the training school directed by Vittorio Santoro, with the world’s masters invited for the occasion.

On Saturday 21st January, the Pastry & Culture area (Hall D3) will host an event dedicated to pastry in catering, whereas on Sunday 22nd January, Cartoons will be the theme inspiring the participants in the Coppa Italia della Pasticceria Artistica (Italian Artistic Pastry Cup).

Also on Sunday 22nd January, there will be one of the most eagerly awaited events: based on an idea by master pastry chef Iginio Massari, there will be an initiative that intends officially nominating Panettone as the ambassador of Italian artisan confectionery in the world.

On Monday 23rd January, Pastry & Culture will host the SIGEP Young, Luciano Pennati and Fulvio Scolari Memorial contest traditionally dedicated to Italian training schools, which take part in the event with their teachers. On the other days, the student will be offered training opportunities, thanks to contacts between participants, companies and great experts for each of the product chains (pastry, gelato, bakery and coffee), with courses during the expo.

For the entire duration of the exhibition, the Pastry Events will feature The Star of Sugar, biennial international contest dedicated to the art of Sugar. Participants will show their skills with a free choice of theme, creating new shapes never seen before and using innovative techniques, which will remain on show for the entire expo. The contest is organized by SIGEP, in collaboration with CAST Alimenti, with the Patronage of the Academy of Italian Master Pastry Chefs, Relais Desserts and Conpait. The awards ceremony will be held on Saturday 21st.

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Pastry events 2017 Fights to the last sweet “Slam”
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