Pure water and high quality powdered milk: the gelato world cup highlights their use in artisan recipes

Pure water and high quality powdered milk: the gelato world cup highlights their use in artisan recipes

Rimini, 10th November 2015 . New features at the 7th Gelato World Cup (SIGEP . Rimini Fiera 23 . 25 January 2016) include the compulsory use on behalf of all the competing teams of ´mineral´ water for the preparation of sorbets and a special place will also be reserved for powdered milk for the preparation of gelato. 

This decision was taken by the event´s organizers to highlight the role of a responsible informed use of these two ingredients, whose characteristics contribute to determining the quality of artisan products. 

´We´re not re-inventing the wheel. 
In every gelato recipe book, from the 1700s to the present day, there is advice regarding the utmost attention that cuisine professionals must pay to the quality of the water they use. Giancarlo Timballo, president of the Gelato World Cup, explains, ´In particular, to make a good sorbet, whose main ingredients are water, sugar and fruit, excellent water is required. The purer the water, the better the quality of the sorbet. For its organoleptic characteristics, the water we´ll use in this edition of the Gelato World Cup is a decisive value added to the excellence of the sorbets that will be presented by all the competing teams. Moreover, we mustn´t forget that this is an international competition, in which five continents are taking part, and teaching to using top quality water for making gelato is of fundamental importance.´

´As far as powdered milk is concerned, Timballo explains,´ there was un momentous change in the making of artisan gelato when it was decided to add powdered milk to fresh milk, to improve recipes´ balance; in fact, with the addition of a percentage varying between 4 and 5% of powdered milk to an average of 60% of fresh milk, it was possible to make artisan gelato creamier, softer and more scoopable. The great master gelato artisan Luca Caviezel was one of the supporters of this ´white revolution´ in gelato making; in fact, in what we consider to be the gelato ´Bible´ (Scienza e tecnologia del gelato artigianale, Chiriotti editori), Caviezel introduced precisely powdered milk as a qualifying element of the new recipes. Obviously, we´re talking about powdered milk that is of very high quality, exactly the same as when we´re talking about fresh milk. The complete proteins contained in the milk we use in our gelato increase its excellence and nutritional value.´

At SIGEP 2016, the artisans will be supplied with good mineral water by San Bernardo, while the ´France Lait´ powdered milk will be supplied by: Gori dr. Enzo Srl . Alimenti Primari, exclusive distributor of the France Lait brand and general representative in Italy of Régilait, a company that has traded on the international specialist milk market for over 65 years (with powdered milk, sweetened and non-sweetened condensed milk, powdered milk for baby nutrition, etc.).

Platinum Sponsors: Comprital (gelato ingredients) and Valrhona (chocolate), Electrolux (equipment).
Silver Sponsors:ACOMAG, Carpigiani, Cattabriga, Frigogelo, Telme (machinery), Medac (paper cups), Ostificio Prealpino (cones).
Technical sponsors:Arborea (milk and cream), Ifi (showcase), Ferimpex (frozen fruit), France Lait (powdered milk), Naturalia (sugar and natural sweeteners), Ravifruit (purée and frozen fruit), Régilait (powdered milk), San Bernardo (mineral water), Sara Creazioni (uniforms), Sculture di Ghiaccio (ice), Silikomart (moulds), Tekna (vertical showcases).
Mystery sponsors: Alce Nero, Amarelli, Aroborea, Borsci San Marzano, Condorelli, Le Delizie di Marchi, Manuel Caffè, Morello Austera, Ravifruit, Simone Gatto, Vicentini, and Waffelman.
Supporters: Eridania (sugar), Metalmobil (VIP area furniture), Paperlynen (hats), Selmi (tempering machines).
Media Partners: Punto.It and Pasticceria Internazionale.

Dates: 23 - 27 January 2016; Organizers: Rimini Fiera SpA; edition: 37th; frequency: annual; classification: international; admittance: trade members only; hours: 9:30 am . 6:00 pm, last day 9:30 am . 3:00 pm (3:00 . 5:00 pm only with online tickets); business unit manager: Patrizia Cecchi; project managers: Gabriella de Girolamo (gelato), Giorgia Maioli (pastry, bakery, coffee); exhibitor info: tel. +39 0541 744521 fax +39 0541 744772; Web site: www.sigep.it 

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Pure water and high quality powdered milk: the gelato world cup highlights their use in artisan recipes
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