The Bread and Cake of the Year 2016

The Bread and Cake of the Year 2016

Taste, originality and specific Romanian characteristics 

Numerous bakers and pastry chefs will enter the competition for awarding the best bread and the tastiest cake at Expo GastroPan. Beyond the trophies and prizes offered by the Organizers and the Sponsors to winners, they will also benefit of a promotion campaign. Also, the recipe of the Cake of the Year will be used in several pastry shops, in this way the product can reach to even more consumers. The GastroPan Competitions will take place within the biggest exhibition for the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa sectors, organized between 7-9th of April 2016 at President Expo Center at Târgu Mureș. From the 8 competition categories the categories for winning the Bread and the Cake of the Year 2016 are the most important both for contestants and the general public.


The tastiest cake inspired from traditional Romanian cuisine will be the Cake of the Year 2016 

The competition for choosing the best cake of the year 2016 challenges contestants to create an innovative cake, which cannot be found in shops yet, having a unique name, inspired from traditional Romanian cuisine, which reinvents original recipes and adapt to the new trends on the food market. The theme of this category is Reinventing tradition. The judges will analyze the quality of cake layer, quantity of syrup on cake layer, content of fillings, availability and origin of ingredients (local/foreign), how healthy the ingredients are, harmony between decorative elements and the inside of the cake, and the originality of the recipe. The pastry shop that made the cake which wins the trophy will benefit of a promotion campaign in mass media, and any pastry shop will have the possibility to produce the winning cake after the show provided they use the original recipe and use the name „The Cake of the Year 2016 - GastroPan”.
The category of Sugar Paste Artistic Piece this year they will have a rich and interesting theme – Carnival, which will challenge the competitors’ creativity and fantasy. They will show the most impressive artistic pieces made of sugar paste, with a lot of color, joy and happiness.


The Bread of the Year 2016: equal chances for both artisan and industrial bakeries

One of the novelties of this year’s edition is that both artisan and industrial bakeries will have the opportunity to win the trophy of the Bread of the Year 2016, as this prize will be divided this year into two different categories, according to the quantity of bread produced daily and the method of bread production – artisan or industrial. In this way both the talents for smaller producers and the investments in research and development of industrial producers can be appreciated. For winning the Industrial Bread of the Year 2016 made in Romania will enroll contestants representing industrial bakeries with a minimum daily production of 300 kg of bread, as for winning Artisan Bread of the Year 2016 made in Romania will enroll contestants representing artisan bakeries with a maximum daily production of 100 kg of bread. The judges will make a decision based on organoleptic properties (form, aspect, crumb and crust structure, taste) or innovative character. The winners will benefit of a promotion campaign in mass media, in this way the winning bakeries get better known and consumers gain access to new types of bread.
Beyond the tastiest cake and the most innovative bread, the best pastry products, cold dishes, most amazing culinary sculptures and the best artistic pieces made of bread dough will also be awarded at the GastroPan Competitions.
GastroPan Exhibition is open for visitors between 7-9th of April 2016, with opening hours 10:00 - 18:00. For more details, access tickets for the trade fair, more images and videos visit



The Bread and Cake of the Year 2016
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