Covid-19 crisis – taking time for a course at one of the gelato world’s finest schools


The last six months have been the toughest time in recent history for gelato-makers and pastry chefs, but also for the whole of the underlying supply chain. Even though the last few months have seen a revival in fortunes, forecasters are expecting around a 30% drop in turnover, and it is hard to make out any light at the end of the tunnel.

How best to handle such a situation? Would it make more sense to open up a gelato parlour right now or else should we make use of the winter to develop some more skills?

Opening a gelato parlour very much depends on how the health crisis goes. There’s little doubt that right now there will be some good opportunities and probably some bargain prices. The crisis will be over soon and that will be a time to start again, with new ideas, investing in new initiatives, either starting from scratch or taking over the running of an existing parlour. If you decide to enter into this sector, the first step is training – there are plenty of gelato schools in Italy and abroad, held by ingredients companies or even by gelato-makers themselves. Schools provide numerous courses throughout the year on how to become a gelato artisan or how to run a parlour, on various production methods, and on marketing and communication. Some provide the theory behind gelato-making, others hands-on experience; they can be group-based or one-to-one; shorter or longer; cheaper or more expensive.

If you have got your own gelato parlour, this is a crucial time for branching out and undestanding how to sell gelato on a year-round basis and to increase turnover with new product lines. There are plenty of courses covering these topics too, with such subjects as patisserie for the gelato-maker, frozen desserts, chocolate, single-serving portions or gourmet/savoury gelato.

This is a time when updating your skills and looking for new paths to tread are key to your future success. And gelato-making courses held by renowned experts in their field are the quickest and most effective way of coming up with an anti-Covid strategy.

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