Training and gelato schools

Training and gelato schools

The best way to ensure that Italian hand-made gelato continues to prosper and delight is to provide training for operators!

In an increasingly expanding market like that of gelato parlours, the craftsman’s professionality has become even more vital in seeking to meet consumer demand for quality.

There are plenty of courses in Italy and they have two goals: firstly, to provide gelato-makers with professional training and, secondly, to ensure the quality of hand-made gelato by giving gelato-makers the tools and knowhow to make healthy, quality products that their consumers will enjoy.

The core of each course is made up of the theoretical and practical lessons where you learn how to choose the right raw materials and products, how to use the machinery and equipment, and how to compose and balance mixtures, until you have all it takes to make gelato on your own.

Some schools also teach marketing and communication to help you satisfy your customers’ needs and be successful in your profession.

Further opportunities to learn and keep up with all the latest trends can be found at the annual SIGEP (International Homemade Gelato, Pastry, and Bakery Fair), with various types of competitions for Italian and foreign gelato-makers. The aim is to promote a culture of professionalism, research and experimentation.

Want to find out more about courses on opening and running a gelateria?

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