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Aiipa - Gruppo Prodotti per Gelato is the association that brings together 22 of the 80 producers of semi-finished ingredients for gelato operating in Italy, responsible for producing no less than 80% of the entire turnover of the sector (about 450 million euros, and steadily growing).

Opening a gelato shop in China - Part 1
Opening a gelato shop in China - Part 1

Information, tips and advices on how to open a gelato shop in China.

The world of Sigep
The world of Sigep

Alongside the expo and international competitions, numerous events further enrich the useful initiatives for artisan gelato trade members.

Training Resources and Courses
Training & Professional Development
Training & Professional Development

The raw materials, ingredient and recipes needed to produce a great hand-made gelato, together with ideas and suggestions on how to open and manage a gelato shop, as well as marketing and communication concepts to help establish an excellent relationship with one’s clientele. These are just some of the many factors which a perfect gelato-maker needs to get right.