United States: growth in the number of Outlets in leading Artisan Gelato parlour Chains


In the last 12 months, the main chains monitored by the Sistema Gelato Study Centre have increased the number of sales points by 3.5% overall, now having 237 points of sale as against 229 a year ago.
The market in Florida is thriving, with 21 new points of sale opening up, while Virginia, Washington DC, Virginia and Louisiana are also growing well.
With outlets in Florida and California, Gelato Go is the fastest-growing brand, doubling the number of its sales points from 8 to 16.

Trieste, 16 July 2019 | The Sistema Gelato Study Centre has been looking into openings and closures in the 41 main gelato parlour chains operating in the United States, whether they have their own direct sales outlets or use a franchising model. In the last 12 months, the overall number of sales points has risen from 229 to 237 (+ 3.5%).

These points of sale can be found in no less than 29 states, with Texas having the largest number (with 24% of the total), followed by Florida (18%), California (18%), New York (7%) and Washington DC (6%).

As regards growth, Florida’s sales points have doubled from 21 to 42 (+100%); Washington DC has also grown, with 4 new outlets, whereas numbers have fallen in Illinois and Pennsylvania. 

Of the chains that were examined, the one with the highest number of sales points is Paciugo; followed by Amorino and Gelato Go, the latter being the country’s fastest-growing chain. In the last year, Gelato Go - which recently won the prestigious Top International Gelato Chains award - doubled the number of its sales points to 16, in both Florida and California.

According to estimates from the Sistema Gelato Study Centre, the 237 hand-made gelato shops operating in the 41 chains examined make retail sales of over 50 million dollars and employ over 1000 staff.

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